Modern production

Stacke Hydraulik designs and manufactures all products in Skillingaryd, Sweden. We use a well-proven concept of standard modules in a modern production facility with an advanced machine park. Our hallmark is customer-specific solutions with a holistic approach that creates the best possible conditions for high quality, efficient production and short lead times.

All the important steps in the manufacturing process of our cylinders are made in the factory - such as machining, welding, assembly and painting. A large part of every step in the process is computerized and automated. Our products are manufactured with high expertise in which our craft is as important as advanced robotics. Production is dependent on a developed interaction between man and machine. It allows us to produce large volumes in an efficient, modern and accurate manner.


The core of Stacke Hydraulik is our design department, which houses priceless experience and thorough knowledge of hydraulics and mechanics. Our team develops cylinders in close collaboration with customers to meet high demands. The process begins with any type of customer requirements. In order for us to manufacture your product all we need as input is where the cylinder will be used and what dimensions it should have. First, we create a design drawing which is approved by the customer. The products are tested including a pressure test. In the end you get a fixed structure that is ready for series production. We have the knowledge needed to deliver exactly what our customers need and want. Often well beyond expectations.