At work

Working at Stacke Hydraulik is both stimulating and challenging. There are great opportunities to progress your career, whether you are working with machining, sales, design or management. We help our employees to meet the goals set in a pleasant community.


We strive to be an employer who shows respect and responsibility for all employees, regardless of gender and nationality. We expect all employees to show the same respect for the company and for their colleagues. As an employee you are responsible for your duties and expected to develop in line with our and external expectations.


We are affiliated to Teknikföretagen and have collective agreements with Metallindustriarbetarförbundet, SIF and Ledarna. Stacke Hydraulik has a union branch and civil service club, which serve as a negotiating partner.


At Stacke Hydraulik everyone has opportunities to increase their competence. We have ongoing programs for training in groups or individually.


The company has a staff club that is responsible for the well being among our employees. We have an exercise facility that is opened to all of us.