Stacke Hydraulik is a world leading and skilled long-term partner. We deliver complete solutions for hydraulic cylinders and we support our customers all the way from design and delivery to support and further development. Our hydraulic cylinders can be installed anywhere from excavators and trucks to cranes and in industrial environments. In other words, they can be used in most situations where you need reliable strength and stability.


The cylinders are modular and are available in a wide variety of types, sizes and shapes. Let us know what the cylinder will be used for and what dimensions it should have – we are happy to take care of the rest. This means you always have the right cylinder in the right place with precisely the right function, according to your wishes and requirements.

In addition to customer unique products, we offer complete system deliveries with everything you need for hydraulics. They are designed and sized to go directly into your production. The bonus is more efficient logistics and simplified purchasing. A system delivery from us can include accumulators, fittings, filters, sensors, compact units, brackets, mounts, radiator, guidance materials, pumps, motors, tanks, valves and more. We also offer a wide range of spare parts and replacement components from various vendors.

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