Stacke Hydraulik cooperates with many well-known companies in different industries. We are a competent manufacturer and a flexible business partner that can help you with your cylinder needs. Our clients are offered a wide standard program with everything from hydraulic cylinders available in stock to completely customer-based products. We help you all the way from idea to delivery and aftermarket with flexible solutions that suit your demands.


It is completely up to you what role Stacke Hydraulik will play in your project. We can provide you with our expertise or take full responsibility for the whole development of the project. Stacke Hydraulik has solid knowledge about design and construction. We often work close with our client’s constructors in order to find optimal and complete solutions. In some cases we take responsibility for the client’s complete in-house-production of cylinders so that they can focus on their core business.

We have the knowledge required to give you the right products with the right functions, according to your desires and needs. You are always welcome to turn to us with your questions.

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