A hydraulic cylinder from Stacke Hydraulik can end up just about anywhere. You decide where it should be mounted and what function it should have. We cooperate with many well-known global companies in manufacturing. This means that the requirements differ depending on how the cylinder will be used. The common denominator is that our customers place the highest demands in the market. This allows us to impose such high standards for ourselves. The final results are leading hydraulic cylinders with a very high quality which are fully accessible to our customers reality.

Our cylinders are used in construction machinery, vehicles, trailers, forestry equipment, cranes, forklifts, mining equipment and a variety of industries. But they can also be used in wind power, turbines or in the marine sector. It is your unique requirements that dictate where the cylinder ports.

Please contact us for more information regarding our products: or phone: +46 (0)370-789 00.

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