Quality and environment

One of our strengths is that we develop and manufacture our products with proprietary and proven concepts such as processing, sealing, welding, assembly and painting. Stacke Hydraulik is an experienced manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders with solid knowledge. This means that our products maintain the highest professional standards, but also that we can secure the level of quality in everything from the lead time to delivery. The environment is an important issue for us and the work of greening operations is an ongoing process. We always strive to manage the earth's resources in a responsible and thoughtful manner.


Our quality concerns and affects all employees. We use proven quality systems and take responsibility for the customer's requirements. This means that we keep our promises, according to agreed contracts, all the way from the drawing board to delivery. At Stacke Hydraulik, we set the bar high regarding quality. We are working to set quality objectives with continuous learning and continuous improvement.

We secure our welding skills by ISO 3834-2. Stacke Hydraulik works on the cleanliness standard of Hydraulics ISO 4406, class 17/13. We are quality certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

Download certificate 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Download certificate ISO 3834


Our production system is based on a decentralized way of thinking, where operators and fitters are the heart of our daily improvement. We use the liability groups where each group is actively involved in quality issues, enhancements and daily management.


We contribute to sustainable development with environmental activities. For us it is important to always consider the environment from the product life cycle, function and economy. Our environmental work is an ongoing process where we use the best technology from an environmental perspective. In this way we use energy and materials as efficiently as possible. The profit is reduced emissions and waste minimization. We comply with all laws and regulations where we constantly strive to outdo ourselves.


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