About Stacke

Industry leaders who set forces in motion

We at Stacke Hydraulik are proud to call ourselves one of the industry leaders in modern hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial applications. Through modern manufacturing, long experience and close customer relationships, we put forces in motion and create value for customers all over the world.

From Småland to the world

Since 1922, we are safely rooted in Skillingaryd in the region Småland. This is where all development and manufacturing of our products takes place. Our cylinders are used in construction machinery, vehicles, trailers, forestry equipment, cranes, forklifts, mining equipment and a variety of industries.- everywhere where reliability is a priority!

Together we put forces in motion

Stacke Hydraulik cooperates with many well-known companies in different industries. We are a competent manufacturer and a flexible business partner that can help you with your cylinder needs. Our clients are offered a wide standard program with everything from hydraulic cylinders available in stock to completely customer-based products. We help you all the way from idea to delivery and aftermarket with flexible solutions that suit your demands

Since 1955, our cylinders are synonymous with quality, reliable function, long life-span and good economy.

Competence and process for success

In order to always deliver cylinders with high reliability and, as a result, an attractive overall economy, we have certain functions where we put extra focus. These functions are the cornerstones of our business.

Custom-made design

The design of our products is crucial for a successful, long-lasting and financially sound product. The process begins already in the design stage where our experienced designers collaborate with the customer. Like this, it will be right, already from start.

Efficient supply of material

We supply the company with materials from quality-assured suppliers. We give our customers a product with both economy and quality, starting in the raw material.

Own manufacturing - guaranteed quality

We control the critical processes in our manufacturing. This means that we turn and weld cylinder tubes and piston rods, that we assemble and paint. All under one roof in our factory in Skillingaryd, Småland.