Stacke Hydraulik


Responsibility for a sustainable future

Stacke Hydraulik contribute what we can to improve the environment both in our external environment but also for our employees. To continuously reduce our environmental impact, we have chosen to certify according to the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015. We have also chosen to define our business through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, www.globalgoals.ord. Environmental considerations are also an integral part of our innovation work.

Climate-smart production with district heating

As part of our environmental work, we have invested in district heating. Where we previously used LPG as heating of premises, water and in washing processes, today we use locally produced and climate-smart district heating. And it isn’t just the heat that is produced locally: the majority of the biofuel used in the district heating plant also comes from places in the municipality. In addition, the ash is used as fertilizer in the municipality's forests. A curcuit which is easy for us to like - and benefit from!

Decent employment and working conditions

For us, a sustainable future is more than just the environment. It is also important to be a good employer who takes care of the employee. When our employees are well educated, thrive in their role and think it's fun to go to work, we get a better atmosphere. And a good atmosphere leads to better results, from the production floor to the last line in the income statement.

We are affiliated to Teknikföretagen and have collective agreements with IF Metall and Unionen.

Security and health

We constantly focus on how to prevent accidents at our workplace. All employees who have specific training requirements due to the nature of their role, receive this training from the company. We are also connected to the Occupational Health Care. This means that all our employees have a quick access to medical care and counseling.