Core values

FLEXIBLE as Stacke

We are responsive, service-oriented and flexible towards our customers - regardless of the size of the project. This gives us the right basis to deliver products and solutions that streamline our customer's business.

RELIABLE as Stacke

Both colleagues internally and our customers must experience that all employees share the responsibility for ensuring that the products we deliver are of high quality. You can count on us. Large and small, in the short and long term.


Our solid knowledge means that we develop products and solutions that create benefits for our customers. Everything we do, from product development to customer relationships, is based on long-term perspective and the will to constantly improve. Because we know that is the way to continued success.


We are proactive and always try to think new, both in our own processes and in customer delivery. We listen and collaborate with our customers and identify needs that exist in the market. Early. To always deliver the right solution.