Get to know us

Behind our processes that result in a hydraulic cylinder delivery to our customers, there are a number of competent employees. They are specialists in their respective field and do their best to deliver cylinders according to cutomer requirements. We would like you to get to know us a little better. You will meet three of us here!

Meet Mona, coordinator welding

Stable welding processes through certification in ISO 3834 and continous improvements gives a much better welding quality. As coordinator at Stacke, I get the possibility to influence my own as well as the work of my group. I make my own decisions how to, in the best possible way, staff my group. This gives a flexibility in our production as well as useful knowledge about different work stations. 

Meet Nail, coordinator quality

Quality in my job is as important to myself as it is to Stacke. Working with customer complaints is interesting and above all preventive, and must be communicated in all departments. To succeed, it requires independence and experience in our processes, that you take interest and gain understanding of how we work. I really make a difference for our customers!

Meet Anna, cylinder assembler

For me, it is important to be given the opportunity for rotation between different stations. It gives me a challenge and flexibility for Stacke. We started rotating work just over a year ago and since then I have been able to develop and broaden my knowledge.