100 years of entrepreneurial spirit

A village blacksmith with a strong personality, an infinite drive and a lot of good ideas. This is how the story of Stacke Hydraulik begins. The blacksmith's name was Carl-Johan Bergkvist and the time was in the early 1920s. Carl-Johan was a well-known profile in town and had unimaginable knowledge in making things work.

In 1955, the decision was made by Carl-Johan's sons to start manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machinery. The company was named Bröderna Bergkvist's Mekaniska Verkstad.

In 1987 the company was acquired by Urban Stacke and in 1993 the name was also changed to Stacke Hydraulik in connection with building the new factory.

On the 1st of December 2021, Inev AB acquired Stacke Hydraulik AB.