Standard line

In addition to our customer based products, we offer a wide range of standard cylinders. The standard range includes double acting hydraulic cylinders and single acting telescopic cylinders.


Our article numbers for DA250 are made up of a logical system where each number corresponds to physical dimensions, variants and different types of mounts. DA250 is a collective name for our standard range where 250 stands for a maximum working pressure of 25.0 MPa (250 bar). This applies to all standard cylinders in this series. But in between, the cylinders can differ greatly. The first 8 digits are divided into 4 groups and correspond to different types of cylinder tube mounts, piston rod mounts, dimensions and variants. The last 4 digits of the article number are the stroke of the cylinder.


Let's say we have the part number DA01010702-0600. The first two digits refer to the type of cylinder head bracket. In this case, it is 01 joint layer. The next two digits refer to the piston rod bracket. This means there are 01 joint bearings. The number 07 mean dimension in this case. In the dimension table you can see that 07 corresponds to a piston rod diameter of 25 mm and a cylinder tube diameter of 50 mm. Each cylinder is available in a variety of variants. In this example, it says 02 in the article number. This corresponds to a stainless steel piston rod. The last four digits refer to the stroke of the cylinder. In this example, the stroke is 600 mm.

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