Stacke Hydraulik


Quality is the heart in everything we do

We are proud of our quality. We see a long-lasting and cost-effective product as one of our main competitive advantages. This means that we make quality our top priority in everything we do, from strategic decisions to our daily work manufacturing our cylinders. We work towards established quality goals with continuous competence development and continuous improvements. ISO 9001: 2015 is the basis of our work.

Quality in our product design – the important cornerstone

The quality of our products is already set at the drawing table, where our experienced designers can just as easily break new ground as using proven concepts. Regardless of way, they design a cylinder that withstands the conditions in which it will be used. For a very long time.

Quality in our processes – results in our daily work

We constantly refine and quality assure our processes. We are certified in welding ISO 3834-2 and work according to ISO EN4406 in cleanliness. Through automation, clear instructions and routines, we standardize and ensure the quality of our daily work. We visualize and communicate through daily control and via our coordinators. The coordinators are a large part of our process quality and means that our work with quality is spread, experienced and fulfilled by all employees.

Quality in our product – for cost efficiency

Together, our design and process quality contribute to our high product quality. And a high product quality means reliable cylinders - which are always most cost-effective in the long run.